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Senior mobile iOS developer – Objective C, Xcode

Developer will code and unit test solutions using login policies provided by analysts in simulator and hardware. Once completed will upload Git branch to BitBucket and ask for a pull request from code reviewers. Code reviews may ask for changes before being merged into development / main / release code stream.

Must be able to work in a medium to large team environment including other iOS Developers, Team Leads, Android Developers, Business Analysts, Metric Analysts, and other groups as needed.

Must be able to comment / follow the JIRA based workflow within the work JIRA(s) assigned.

Objective C
iOS Devices, iPad, iPhones, Xcode Simulator
Provisioning Profiles, Developer Certs.
Git, Bitbucket, SourceTree, Branching, Push, Pull Requests
Jira, Confluence
Most iOS Apple Frameworks
iOS Auto Layout with constraints
Custom Internal Frameworks
Adobe Analytics Logging
Internal Logging
Mac / OSX for iOS Development, Proxy Servers
Windows for some Internal Items
Webx, Google Hangouts
Agile, Waterfall, Daily Project Team Standup Meetings

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