Data Analysts For Fraud Detection & Compliance

Data Analysts For Fraud Detection & Compliance

We are seeking several data analysts with fraud detection and intel experience to combat an escalating problem. We are seeking skilled numerate graduates (mathematics, physics, statistics, computer science or engineering preferred) to work on consultancy projects with for Government; primarily focused upon project based work will cover all stages of deploying enterprise intelligence solutions from data mining, predictive modeling and rule generation to large scale implementations.

Key Responsibilities

Working within a team of analysts using to derive intelligence from high volume customer data
Deploying enterprise solutions
Applying and developing leading edge analytical methods, such as data mining and social network analysis (more…)

MPP ETL Developer/App DBA- Massively Parallel Processing

Seeking a professional with strong abilities in building large data warehouses, schema design, SQL tuning, debugging, optimization techniques with deep knowledge into the inner workings of Massively Parallel Processing (MPP) databases. This hire will be dealing with data volumes at an unprecedented scale (measured in the petabytes) on a highly integrated platform providing interactive analytics to the users. The ideal candidate is open, flexible, and motivated to contribute toward team success in a high-energy, high-impact environment. (more…)

Pentaho Business Analytics- Postgres SQL

The main function of a Data/Big Data/BI Developer is to be responsible for the development and optimization of corporate BI solutions and data warehouse to include database design, development, and enhancement.

Pentaho business analytics and data integration suites. Strong Postgres SQL experience. Be a senior developer and lead a small team of developers in designing and developing reporting and analytics applications. (more…)

Data Architect

Create/maintain the data architecture to increase the robustness, performance, and scalability of systems. Provide oversight and direction for the design and development of the data infrastructure. Responsible for the development of logical data models and semantic data layer(s) needed to support business and analytic requirements. Maintain quality of data in the application systems ensuring: integrity of data, the correction of any data problems, data currency, and the established design procedures to purge/archive old data. Participate in the data governance program. Create streamlined, scalable integration solutions to support downstream environments. Track progress and communicate effectively with key stakeholders to ensure successful completion of the project within targeted time, cost, and quality. Interact with business partners, 3rd party vendors to highlight the right information, risks, open issues, and the impact on data architecture related projects. Experience with relational databases and knowledge of query tools and/or statistical software required. Experience in ANSI-SQL.Proficient Data modeling tools like ERWIN or ER Studio. (more…)

Informatica Administrator

The Informatica Administrator will be a member of an ETL Administration team responsible for fulfilling a combination of production support and Informatica application administration tasks. The Informatica Administrator will work individually and as part of the team to render Informatica Administration support for the activities rendered by the program. The production support position will utilize knowledge of the Informatica ETL tool and the associated program environment.

ETL Developer Informatica, Netezza, Oracle

ETL Developer

Design, Develop and Provide support in all aspects of data movement for a data warehouse environment residing on Netezza, with emphasis on the Extract-Transform-Load (ETL) process using Informatica. • Ability to administer ETL system and upgrade to new releases • Develop data warehouse process models, including sourcing, extracting, transforming and loading as per business requirements. • Design Extract-Transform-Load (ETL) Workflows for data migration from various sources to data warehouse using batch or incremental loading strategies. • Document database design including data modeling, metadata and business process flow for the new business integration requirements. • Create data model and reverse engineer data warehouse using CASE tools like ER Studio. (more…)