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Programmatic Ad Operations Coordinator

The Programmatic Ad Operations Coordinator will be responsible for managing and growing revenue from programmatic and automated digital advertising channels. This resource will be required to oversee the day-to-day management of programmatic demand partners, such as DSPs, advertising networks, RTB advertising exchanges and agency trading desks. The role will be instrumental in purchasing the right traffic for our extension campaigns and generating the greatest yield and performance on our ad spend dollars as well as overseeing the remnant monetization program. You’ll liaise with the ad operations and sales support teams, making sure that RTB campaigns are optimized and monitored and fed back to clients correctly, giving them insight into how their campaigns are running and post-campaign reporting/analysis that is easy to read and understand. You may be required to travel to visit SSP’s/Agency Trading Desks in an effort to develop working relationships in order to facilitate utilization of programmatic offerings.

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