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.NET, C#, Azure Solutions Architect w/ Aspect-Oriented Programming (AOP) exp.

We are looking for a hands-on, experienced solutions architect to join a team of architects, working to design, develop, and deliver enterprise level innovation projects. The team is delivering solutions that satisfy multiple enterprise teams that are providing business applications for millions of customers using the latest technologies: ASP.NET MVC, Azure, Redis, Service Bus technologies, platform and vendor integration; establishing Standards and Best Practices for highly repeatable processes and delivery.

In addition to innovation, there is an opportunity to assist in governance and process oversight to ensure teams are adhering to the standards and best practices as defined by the architecture team, and supporting a continuous feedback loop to enhance the solutions and practices.

General Requirements

•12+ years of experience. Exceptions are made for exceptional coders with a proven track record.

•Great communication skills. Must be capable of communicating complex ideas fluently.
•Ability and experience in mentoring other developers.
•Readiness to become a go-to person for some areas of the system being built.
•Self-starter but not afraid to ask questions.
•Professionally committed to creating the best possible software system.
•Good understanding of dependency injection and related practices.
•Good understanding of REST, the HTTP protocol and JSON/XML.
•Understanding of version control branching strategies.

Solutions Architect Requirements
•Mastery of the C# language.
•Hands-on experience with large codebases and OO design patterns that help keep such codebases maintainable.
•Work on a high-traffic software system, with at least a few thousand concurrent users or transactions/sec, and exposed to techniques for scaling applications to such traffic.
•Work on a team using agile methodologies: extensive unit tests, continuous integration, peer code and design reviews, formal code quality standards et al.
•Ability to work independently to capture technical requirements, design, deliver, document, and demonstrate solutions; meeting these requirements.

Standout Experience
•AOP (PostSharp or dependency-injection based)
•Exposure to cloud deployments; Azure preferred.
•Experience with Azure services is highly valued.
•Exposure to distributed caching and understanding of strategies to employ them.
•Experience writing frameworks or developing APIs.
•Active Microsoft Most Valuable Professional is a plus.

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