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MPP ETL Developer/App DBA- Massively Parallel Processing

Seeking a professional with strong abilities in building large data warehouses, schema design, SQL tuning, debugging, optimization techniques with deep knowledge into the inner workings of Massively Parallel Processing (MPP) databases. This hire will be dealing with data volumes at an unprecedented scale (measured in the petabytes) on a highly integrated platform providing interactive analytics to the users. The ideal candidate is open, flexible, and motivated to contribute toward team success in a high-energy, high-impact environment.


Strong background in MPP data warehouse environments, architecture and its implementation

Must have extensive experience with data modeling, design, development and administration

Proven understanding of tuning and optimization required

Experience in working with cross-functional teams to realize an efficient data architecture strategy required

Strong scripting (Unix, Python, etc) skills to perform data/file manipulation required

Demonstrable problem solving and debugging skills required

Impactful and clear communication skills required (written and verbal)

Experience with Hadoop/Big Data technologies preferred

Experience with Redshift preferred

Experience with AWS or other cloud providers preferred

Active contributions to open source projects a plus

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