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JBoss Web Production Engineer w/ Amazon AWS cloud

We are seeking an experienced contractor to work with a small team of skilled web operations engineers to build the next generation of web infrastructure in the Amazon AWS cloud. In this role, you will support our existing platform, troubleshoot website infrastructure problems, and assist in building out the next generation web infrastructure in Amazon’s cloud. Requires Extensive experience with JBoss application server configuration, security lockdown and administration.

Required General Skills

Strong written and verbal communication skills.

  • Proactive and strong ability to learn new things with little guidance.
  • Proven ability to manage multiple projects in tandem.
  • Highly organized, efficient, and thorough.
  • Desire to build an automated infrastructure.

Required Technical Skills and Experience

  • Extensive experience with JBoss application server configuration, security lockdown and administration.
  • Extensive hands on experience building and maintaining production web infrastructures in Amazon’s Web Services (AWS) cloud platform.
  • Deep experience with some of the following AWS components – EC2, S3, Elastic IPs, EBS, Security Groups, Route 53, VPC, ElasticCache, and CloudFormation.
    • Strong experience with Apache server configuration/management, and Apache Rewrites.
    • Strong systems administration experience on Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL 5 or 6).
    • Strong understanding of the HTTP protocol.
    • Experience with monitoring tools such as Nagios, New Relic, Splunk or similar.
    • Experience with any of the following programming languages (Ruby, Perl, Python).
    • Experience managing infrastructures underneath highly available public facing, front end web servers/web sites, including building, maintaining and troubleshooting.

Additional Desired Skills

Experience automating server configuration with Chef highly desirable (or similar – Puppet, CFEngine).

  • Experience working in agile teams using Scrum, Kanban or similar.
  • Experience with JBoss application server configuration and management.
  • MySQL Database configuration and management experience. MySQL replication setup and maintenance a real plus.
  • Experience managing/administering Content Management Systems (CMS), particularly Adobe Communiqué CQ 5.5..
  • Strong experience creating and managing complex Apache Rewrites for public facing sites (proxy, transforming URL’s…).
  • Hands on management and configuration of F5 load balancers or similar experience. Local Traffic Manager (LTM), and/or Global Traffic Manager (GTM).
  • Experience setting up and configuring Content Distribution Networks (CDN). (Limelight, Akamai, CloudFront…)
  • Splunk log file analysis platform. Ability to use to troubleshoot issues, create custom searches, graphs…
  • Extensive experience with regular expressions used with programming and Apache rewrites.
  • Experience with Jenkins and/or Maven deployment and build management system.
  • General experience with Java development and/or managing systems running Java based applications.
  • DNS configuration experience/management and firm understanding of how DNS functions.
  • Working knowledge and experience with version control systems, preferably Subversion (SVN), CVS or Git.
  • Strong experience with rsync, wget, scp, cron, at, sed, awk.
  • Working experience with Jira and Confluence
  • Firm grasp of web technologies, including HTML, CSS,AJAX, Java, JavaScript, Perl, Ruby on Rails…
  • Firm understanding and experience with TCP/IP networking concepts and principles.
  • Firm understanding and/or experience working with software firewalls (iptables, or AWS Security Groups).

A Typical Day for This Position Might Include

  • Building out server automation with Chef, RunDeck and other tools.
  • Setting up new server (EC2) instances/services in AWS, configuring security groups, and setting up Elastic IP’s.
  • Troubleshooting problems with our web infrastructure.
  • Troubleshoot and resolve an issue with a Content Management System application server.
  • Troubleshooting an issue with JBoss application running on 4 application servers. Restarting JBoss and analyzing logs to understand issue.
  • Developing and documenting technical plans.
  • Making complex configuration changes (requiring Regular Expressions) to Apache web using Rewrite Engine to proxy traffic for certain URL’s.
  • Handling the deployment of JBoss Applications to 4 front end JBoss servers.
  • Working closely with development and QA teams to solve business needs and technical problems.

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