About Our Services

About Our Services

The Consortium is a consulting and professional services organization focused on the Information Technology industry. Our experience and structure allow us to provide our undivided attention to our client’s business challenges and resource needs while providing the best career guidance and opportunities to our employees and consultants. Our goal and mission is to provide cost effective solutions while allowing our clients the time to focus on projects and deliverables and not sorting through stacks of unqualified resumes or wasting time interviewing individuals who aren’t a fit for your organization.

The Consortium’s business practices, decades of knowledge, and extensive industry experience enable us to provide talented highly skilled people who make a significant contribution to our customer’s objectives in a very short period of time.  The Consortium managing partners average over 20 years experience in information technology recruiting and professional services management. The Consortium’s agile and responsive team is capable of quickly identifying and screening properly qualified people for all technical skill sets saving our clients valuable time when reviewing candidates.

We offer a wide array of services including:


Managed Services

Clients face a constant influx of new challenges, from acquisition and merging of business units and new regulatory requirements to shorter product lifecycles and increasing competition. But their ability to respond efficiently is often limited by technical workloads, subject expertise and budget-related restrictions, causing delays and implementation shortfalls. Our Managed Services Solutions provide organizations with the ability and insight to manage ever-changing external talent needs, including service providers, contingent labor, independent labor and payroll solutions. With our Managed Services Solutions we take full responsibility for your day-to-day IT operations leaving you with peace of mind. We build trusted long lasting partnerships focusing on quality service delivery.


IT Outsourcing

Our IT outsourcing allows our clients the ability to re-focus  their strategic resources on initiatives that are core to their business while benefiting from reduced operational costs, speed, and flexibility. As the IT outsourcing experience for companies matures, companies are revising expectations and looking for supplier diversification to mitigate risk, improve service quality and innovation. We focus on quality, flexibility and operational excellence and run a management model that holds leadership and accountability first.


Staff Augmentation 

We will provide you a contractor for a temporary period of time. This approach is implemented when the client: 1. needs people to complete a project and has no anticipated need after completion; 2. does not have a permanent “head count” budget; or 3. when the client has been unable to identify an individual with a required expertise on an expeditious basis. During the term of the assignment, should the client wish to permanently employ the contractor, The Consortium will be pleased to negotiate terms amenable to the client.


Temporary To Permanent
We identify the individual; perform an evaluation; introduce the applicant and you make the selection. We will put the person on our payroll for a defined period of time after which you make her/him a permanent member of your staff. The specific terms will be negotiated on a case by case basis which may include no additional fee or a reduced fee depending on the initial terms. The advantage of this approach allows you to evaluate the individual on a daily basis before deciding to “permanentize” her/him and, to spread your costs out over an extended period.


Contingency Permanent Placement- HeadHunting
We identify, evaluate and introduce employees for your permanent staff. We earn our fee when the individual becomes your employee and remains on your payroll until the guarantee period expires.


Retained Search
Retained searches are entered into when the client desires fully focused recruitment of a key individual. This arrangement requires that The Consortium use its full resources including its network of friends of the company, sourcing and researching. The Consortium commits to a one hundred percent effort on behalf of the retainer client only and guarantees that applicants identified for this undertaking will not be referred to other clients until a release is granted. The Consortium, after identifying candidates, will have an appropriate Advisory Board member assist in evaluation. A resume, references and a Consortium profile will be provided to the client prior to interview and The Consortium personnel will remain intimately involved throughout the entire process.