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The Consortium, Inc. is a professional services and technology staffing company. We are a privately held company allowing us to offer our undivided attention to the business challenges you face in your Information Technology organization. Our senior staff has the industry knowledge to successfully implement the best staffing strategies for your company. Our goal is to provide a cost effective and efficient solution to your hiring needs. We know how to make that happen and we have the experience to prove it.

Current Job Openings

Email Marketing Manager

We seek an eager, experienced e-mail marketing team player with a “can do” attitude who enjoys a fast-paced environment to leverage the email channel and consistently grow traffic and engagement online. The Marketing Manager will be tasked with implementing the aggressive acquisition and retention strategy for Online by managing multiple house lists that demonstrate ongoing relevancy to the customer base. He/she will be required to execute and optimize email marketing campaigns for 7 distinct newsletter lists and other email campaigns to ensure programs are in-line with objectives and expectations. READ MORE >

Java Performance Architect w/ threading & Java Concurrency

Solid Java architect who knows in and out of Java and is highly experienced in building scalable web application platform. Essentially, we want to make sure our platform is solid and can support our desired Transactions Per Second (TPS) and several concurrent users. Skills desired:

  • 10+ years of Java experience
  • Proficiency in threading and Java Concurrency
  • Proficient in Java memory management and Garbage Collection techniques
  • Expert is analyzing performance bottlenecks through Java profiling tools
  • Proficient in strategies to increase performance: Caching, different design patterns etc.
  • Hands on experience with several open source software – especially Apache based
  • Adobe CQ5 experience is a plus but not required.